Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fedora-H&M/Sunnies-Ray-Ban/Cape-H&M/Buttondown/Oxygen/Trousers-Maldita Man/Shoes-Aldo


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

In the 80’s

               This Look is basically inspired by the 80's when denim were all over the place.So i decided to incorporate that to my look today,and its just the right time to wear my costume made cardigan which the fabric that i use were all soft denim and i also adedd some accent at the back and partly on the arm so its kind of like a disco fever ish look and I paired it up with a denim button down from Ralp Lauren and Pants from Topman and to wrap it up with blue chukies:)


Guys Go GAGA
Shirt-Market Market/Trousers-H&M/DIY-Studded Boots/Bring Accessories/Hat-Topman

Hi guys,I just wanted to share this look that im going to wear at the Monster Ball Lady Gaga Live Concert in Manila,when I saw this shirt in market market I just fell inlove with it.And what i didi is that I paire it up woth black pants from H&M and a DIY Studded boots to incorporate it with shirt and accessories and i also wore a suspenders to add a little edgy look.

Sweater from Bankok/trousers-Topman/Socks-Topman/Shoes-Wade


Just an ordinary day

Straw Hat-Topman/Blue Buttondown-H&M/Shorts-Myth/Shoes-Wade

Thursday, 10 May 2012

GREY’S Anatomy

DIY Blazer/Button down-Paul Smith/Low Crotch-Oxygen

Its a new day and opportunity,My best friend PJ just called me today and said he made it as an intern for Jag for this PFW 2012,so we decided to meet up to celebrate.Its surreal I'm so proud of him.So I decided to wear this special blazer that i customize with a shoulder pans on it.Hope you guys like it:)))Paws up See you in Fashion Week!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

No Turning Back
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