Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Day 6 of Philippine Fashion Week

I was so exited to attend day 6 of PFW so i made it so special by wearing the clothes that i specially made,me and my best friend now thinking to create our own line.we know that its not gonna be easy but we just love what were doing.Hope yer like it..=D
Drapey top from my own collection,Wide-Leg Pants,oxygen bag shoes from Aldo

Eric Delos Santos,Jerome Salaya Ang,Sassa Jimenez
Super Model of the World Philippines

Love the new collection of International Brand Regatta,They were still able to wow their audience on there new collection their signature look "All American"a sleek look,well tailored jeans,Classy,Fresh and polished yet progressive.


   Opt for some loud colors to stand out in a crowd of black and white.


Buttondown-H&M/Red Blazer-Bangkok/Slacks-Maldita pullover/Shoes-Aldo/Blue Socks-SM Dept.Stores

This is what i wore last May 12 at Wrangler
Marlon Rivera,M baretto, EsAc

My partner in Crime PJ love his bangs


We have all witnessed the come back of loafers and we also manage to have suddenly bought a pair and we probably went out and now own a few pairs! Loafers they are so on in all the catwalks, they are current  here and they are back.
It was a long lost sin or secret, we probably only wore them in kindergarten with a pair of white knitted socks(as they did in the 80's). Michael Jackson wore them with white socks. Since they have had a huge impact in our life, and with this huge comeback as witness, there is a huge movement on comfort over style lately (which is still the IT statement) lets bring loafers back to life. A variety of tasseled, plain, colors and very flexible.
"black is a statement, the tassels tells a story, and simplicity will last forever!"


Cole’s exquisite looks has not only rightly landed him on the top of the fashion designers’ books and runways, but dispelled the myth that men have to look overwhelmingly muscular to be considered masculine. He has know for his great style and tattoos
In 2006 Cole Lands his first ad campaign for Dior Homme, becoming one of Hedi Slimane’s favorites thereafter and Appeared in V editorial and huge magazine a lot to Been such a big fan and how he became so huge at young age.

Denim Love