Saturday, 30 July 2011

Spotted: PowerFly

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Look at the details on this shirt so exquisite
love the black patches on it add a little twist on the look;)
Just an ordinary day and I was so bored at home and every time that I'm bored I always go to Oxygen store to see what's new and wow every time that I visit them I'm always amazed they always have everything from clothes to accessories not only its is hot,comfortable but it is also affordable;))Thank god we have oxygen!

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DIY Cardigan/Cut-out Shirt-Oxygen/Rosary Necklace-Oxygen/Trousers-Maldita Man/Asian Vogue Boots

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Work it and Reverse it

My personal Choice!!

I was stunned to know that one of the top clothing company in the Philippines Oxygen has launched a very innovative and creative type of jeans"reversible jeans" Its very helpful specially to those who wanted their look to a twist on them, you can easily wear in and out just flip it around then you'll totally have a different look and style. And it’s now out of the market. It comes along with different color and designs (wash out, skinny, drop crotch etc.)Definitely will be having one of those! Just only for 1899 each!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Can't get you out of my head!

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Hey guys I'm back. hope everyone had a great week.wheew!It was a busy week for me, got a lot of paperwork dump on my desk, lot of calls waiting its like my brains is going to explode oh by the way I work in a Bank 9-10 hrs a day, imagine how exhausted I am just rite after my shift. But moving forward yesterday was a kick ass I must say...I met up with my friend/partner in crime/co look booker PJ, whatever you wanna call him, haha...And we had a little challenge to style one another. We had such a great time that day, plenty of fun pictures to come, Me and PJ just have a lot in common.

Fedora-H&M/Sunnies-Rayban/DIY-Tie/Trousers-Topman/Envelope Bag-LV/Shoes-Zara

Monday, 18 July 2011


YAY!! I finally got my own pair of A. Wang Bootie..=)
Ill be definitely using it a lot.Be posting my looks wearing my new bootie.
Thanks to Asian Vogue for sending me these stunning shoes;)

Man Down

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I'll be meeting my mom today so i decided to wear something manly and simple. I think because were also be meeting my aunt who just arrive from California I also just don't want to overdress.;))Hope you guys like it.=D

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Piece of Eye Candy

Looks Like it's raining;)

Another look wearing my favorite DIY tie, majority of my vintage tie were actually given by my dad, I’m telling you he has the most exquisite ties I’ve ever seen. So I'm happy that he gave this red printed tie to me, since the tie was too big so I decided to cut, saw and fold it to be a bow tie. Since that been addicted with bowtie lately.

Luckily my friends ask me to watch Kobe Brian at the forth global taguig, at first I was like stoned, shock and confused why did he ask me in the first place. I’m not a basketball big fan but just to support him we went anyways and I also ask mamsy to go with us since that I also have post new look on my blog. And on this Look Im currently wearing Pink Cardigan from Bangkok and a blue buttondown from H&M
Hope you guys like it;))

Crowd Gone Wild!

Just rite after watching the show we were so exhausted and starving  so we ate at a Chinese Restaurant just near Serendra;))

Yang Chow Rice 

Friday, 8 July 2011

DIY Sweaters

Black Draped Badge Top
I Love this one look at the details of the shirt amazing!

I was browsing some fashion websites today and i saw this two sweater that is so amazing .When I first saw it, I think this is a collection that is likely to continue to grow on me - there is intrinsic beauty and integrity of fashion with the superb tailoring work in the pieces shown here. Some might not favor this for its lack of figure-flattering proportions, but the form and line which retain to essential simplicity, and the combination of minimalism

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Dark Reflection

We just had a photo shoot today collab with my co Lookbooker and partner in crime PJ at Global City Taguig, we've been planning this since then but we have a busy schedule lately. Luckily were both available today so we plan to have it then it not gonna be easy despite the crazy and plain weather but yet we had such fun. Will be posting it soon so please check it out..;))

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dark Side of Me

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 Sunnies-RayBan/Blue Button down-H&M/Jackets-Bangkok/Pants-Oxygen/Shoes-Zara

I was so bored today and luckily my friend ask me to out and watch Transformers Like a Movie Date. Since that i don't have that much to do so we went out and i decided to wear something masculine yet Chic look.And she ask me if I can bring my Camera since that she love's photographing me..haha.dont know why?!I just have fun that day.