Saturday, 2 July 2011

Fresh Prince

      Deep Blue Sweater-Oxygen/White Buttondown-Oxygen/Trousers-Maldita/Rosary Necklace-Oxygen/Shoes-Zara/Bag-Oxygen/Blue Socks-Mossimo

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Its fun knowing the element of what style should be.Seeing from the global style scene,new faces in fashion are all over the world,cropping up like mushrooms,its fun looking people to finally have the taste with becomes to fashion and style and knowing how to incorporate that with their personality as an individual. Its always a must for us to know what to wear because you have to consider your shape,color that complement your skin and many more.But for me as long as your comfortable with it that's what matter the most..

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  1. I'm enjoying so much your outfits! I stopped in this post just because I would want to tell you I LOVE THIS OUTFIT WITH THE COLORED SOCKS!!! I think I never said it before with all my heart, but you are amazing! Keep it up!