Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Be your Commander

Be your Commander
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DIY Shoulder Pads/Shirt-The Ramp/DIY Harem Pants/Bag and Necklace-Oxygen/Shoes-Zara

Another Creation,,I was so inspired to do a lot of DIY lately,been thinking to have my own clothing line.I know the fact that its not gonna be easy buy i just love clothes so much.Hope you guys like it..=) 

On our Way Home

Sailor Man
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Coffee Jelly ;)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Dance With Me

Finally the storm is out of the Philippine Territory. And it's a little sunny coming out today, Hence I manage to check my closet and see whatever I can wear to take a quick photo.

Cut-out Shirt-Oxygen/Sheer Panels Shirt-Oxygen/Bag-Oxygen/Socks-SM Dept. Store/Shoes-Prada

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    The weather here in the Philippines is going crazy and a bit plain lately. And summer here is officially close. Rainy season comes. I can't help but think of possible looks to play around with this type of weather. So what ever clothes I see in my closet I just play around with it. And I see this yellow I LOVE NY jacket that my aunt send me from NYC. And this uber Cool Black Full Length Pants from Oxygen. So I decided to wear this Bold Cute jacket it actually has Ears on its hood. Really cute..
    Hope you guys like it.

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    Tuesday, 21 June 2011

    Santa Fe Beach Club Ogtong Cave

    Day 3 Me,My Family and My Friends decided to transfer to Santa Fe just 15 min. ride from our current resort,but when we got to be there OMG!I was speechless photo's shown below

    Tree House just infront of our Villa

    Our Villa.

    Pool Just a few steps from our Villa

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    Water Creatures

     hahaha... Fight Scene

     Funny Face

    Ogtong Cave