Monday, 13 June 2011


   Basically Powersnet is designed to Let them reveal their passions so that you can unlock yours.
POWERSNET is an online portal designed by John Robert Powers for inspiring works and inspiring individuals to share anything on fashion, style, beauty, poise, and well, growing up.

Through photos and conversation starters, POWERSNET empowers the young to stay connected through bright and beautiful moments, trends, and people.

There are 4 category that you can choose to express your self

DIY"do it your self"-were you can post something that truly inspires you anything thats a product by your creativity

Finds-were you can post something about clothing,food,accessories,gadgets ect.

Ask/Say-were you can ask something or any comment or insight about anuthing

Spotted-were anyone can post pictures,like hwat are youe wearing,who are you wearing or where did you bought it

Look what I've got...Great! the time that I went home I was so exited to open it look chaos!=(
Pictures taken using my new it!Thanks to Powersnet and to JAVI you guys are the best!

Venue: 5th Fl.Casmer Building, Salcedo St.Legaspi Village Makati

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