Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 1

My friends and I went to market-Market today to buy something that we can wear on this upcoming Holloween Season and I was stoned when I saw this studded rocker belt and I was relief and I had to buy 2,its a bit expensive for a belt but who cares its been forever searching for this kind of studs:)

Day 2



I want it to look like wing I cant wait to wear this on my next look;))


Sheer Panel Buttondown-Oxygen/Feather Necklace-DIY/Full Length Pants-Oxygen/Boots-Dad

Now its time to get caught up on all the photos filling up my computer’s memory  from the past days. Here’s the first dent taken the first day of Philippine fashion week. In retrospect, This look is a bit gothic grunge chic which Is polished and edgy which I love the most. I am re-loving Black hard right now, which adds sophistication to me. And  I’m wearing Black Sheer Stripped from Oxygen and Full Length Pants also from Oxygen and I also made this featherd necklace to add a little twist on my look.

My Photographers for the day;)) Mommy Salee and Laurane
Thanks guys for your support!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Newest Collection (Master Mind)

My friend ask me if We can meet up at Market-Market he wanted to talk to me about his new collection tee collection and we also visited a good friend from Master Mind, there store basically have everything from Cap,Shirts,Amazing Jacket,Shoes and my all time favorite their RINGS!!they have the most exquisite and unique rings ever!!Thanks to JR for introducing their clothes to us he's such a nice person;))
Go visit their store located at 2nd Floor Fashion Market

Stood Up

Eye Glasses-RayBan/Cardigan and Drape Top-Shane Chua/Trousers-Maldita/Bag-Oxygen/Bring Rings-Master Mind

WOW!!!Its been a while since I posted my last look..Its a busy week for me..I happy to post this look because majority of the clothes that I'm wearing were made by me..and hope you guys like it..I miss all my friends here so much I always appreciate your support!!Stay Safe Everyone;)))

Monday, 10 October 2011

PFW SS2012

Philippine Fashion Week Show Schedule for Spring Summer 2012 October 23-30 SMX Convention Center & SM Mall of Asia
Can't wait to see Oxygen's Collection again!they have the most exquisite clothes ever!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Spotted: Tee Cup

Hype this at

Fedora-H&M/Sunnies-RayBan/Blazer-Gift from a friend/Rosary Necklace-Oxygen/Tee-Design/Drop Crotch-Oxygen

 And I met up with my friend today to check his new designs..and wow he have the most amazing shirts I've ever seen and this shirt that I'm wearing is my own design printed by him paired by amazing Pants from Oxygen..haha...hope you guys like it,..Always keep safe and enjoy your day!;D

Friday, 7 October 2011

Boooyah!!! An event you don't wanna miss

Yes! It’s true a lot of newly discoverd designers from Fashion Institute of the Philippines and some trend makers here in manila will be united as one! Selling Stunning Clothes, Accessories, Shoes its basically whatever you need anything that’s is HOT in this season and must have in today’s fashion scene.
My friend also advice me that they will be giving some extra prices to those who are spotted head turning  fashionista shoppers, plus a raffle draw.WOW! so make sure to dress to impress. Treat it like your attending fashion week ;)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spotted: Bday Boy

Hype this at

Jacket-TopMan/Aviator-RayBan/Trousers-TopMan/Socks-SM Dept.Store/Bring Rings/Vintage Lamborghini Bag-Granpa/Shoes-Master Mind

My mom gave me this awesome jacket from Topman as her birthday present so I decided to wear this today on my bday celebration, My friends and I just decided to have just a simple house party just us hanging around, but we thought about doing more pinoy type of party by renting Kareoke..haha.its fun!haha..
WOW!!Time runs to fast ,A year full of learning, unforgettable experiences and lots of friends;))I Thank god for all the blessing and I Learn to make every experience educational! And Thanks to all my friends in for always supporting guys have no idea how much it means to me;))Cheers",)